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Want to rent a new office where you can work peacefully with your employee’s without any problems? Bhasin Group have a clear and detailed list of offices, shops, showrooms that are listed on the commercial renting list. You just need to tell us about your location preferences, rent preferences, and we will get you the perfect rented property.

The new concept of rental yield is soon flourishing in Delhi and NCR. In fact, investors are all very happy with this trend and are planning to invest more in this scenario. After all, who would not like to invest in a property that is sure to give you a promise of a fixed amount of income even before it is constructed? Tempted?

So, contact us at Bhasin Group for making investments into pre rented properties and see your money growing. So, give us a call and get to know about your next investment venture!

Service Features

  • Showrooms
  • Shops
  • Commercial Offices

  • Commercial floors

  • Office Interiors
  • Negotiation & documentation


Do you have offices in commercial buildings?

Yes we do have offices in commercial buildings of District centre, B1 Janakpuri and Near Cinepolis Janakpuri.

Do you have fully furnished offices?

Yes, we do have fully furnished, ready to move in offices.

Do you have commercial spaces on lease?

Yes, we do have commercial spaces on lease.